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NREC's Business Objectives

Today NREC uses a homegrown solution to manage its pool of houses and buyer leads. It regularly faxes partner real estate agencies with information about available houses and dispatches leads in an ad-hoc manner. However the company realizes that this is an inadequate approach, which is costing it money and making it difficult to attract new independent real estate agencies to join its distribution network.

NREC has decided to address these problems by implementing a Siebel Business solution. This solution is both employee and partner facing, allowing participants access to the key information they need to do their job. In addition, business rules within the Siebel application streamline inefficiencies in the current process. For example, buyer leads can be automatically dispatched to partners based on agreed-upon assignment rules. In addition, agents will automatically be notified by email when an opportunity has been assigned to them.

The employee applications in NREC's implementation are based on Siebel Sales and Siebel Partner Manager, while the partner application are based on Siebel Partner Portal. These modules share a common back end, making sure that everyone always sees the most up-to-date information.

This book assumes that the configuration for the employee applications is proceeding successfully and focuses on the configuration of the partner application, Siebel Partner Portal. For all examples that show the user interface, use Siebel Partner Portal.

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