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Access Requirements

In analyzing its requirements, NREC determined that it had the following data access needs.

  • Access through low-bandwidth Internet connections. NREC's partner agents must be able to access data over low-bandwidth connections (such as dial-up connections) without having to install Siebel software on their personal computers.
  • Access through corporate intranet. NREC Administrators and employees need to be able to administer the implementation (creating new users, assigning responsibilities, and so on) and maintain user data (houses, opportunities, contacts, and so on) through a graphical user interface connected to the corporate intranet.
  • Mobile access. NREC employees need to be able to access and manipulate data on their laptops even without being connected to a corporate database. They must be able to synchronize with the central corporate database, when needed.

NREC plans to implement Siebel's Web client and Mobile Web client to meet the three requirements.

  • The Web client—through which users connect to the Siebel server with their browser—meets the first and second requirements. The Siebel Web client is an HTML, Web interface providing access to Siebel applications through either the Internet or an intranet.
  • The Mobile Web client meets the third requirement because agents can log into Siebel Business Applications and work offline in a local database that resides on the agent's computer. Users synchronize the local database with the server database when necessary. The mobile Web client provides the same HTML interface as the Web client, but the Web pages are served from the local Siebel application rather than a server.

For more information about deploying the Mobile Web client, read Siebel Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows.

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