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Siebel eRoadmap Methodology

NREC follows Siebel's eRoadmap Methodology through each one of its implementation phases. The Siebel eRoadmap Methodology provides a six-stage framework for implementing Siebel Business Applications. The stages include the following:

  • Discover. The project team refines and documents functional and technical requirements that support the business goals.
  • Define. The project team assembles, defines the project approach and scope, and implements project management controls.
  • Create Prototype. The project team designs a hard-copy mock-up of the solution and uses the discovery stage requirements to develop application screen flows and design layouts.
  • Configure. The project team configures the application, extensions, and external interfaces required to support the new implementation.
  • Validate. The project team conducts a full-function test, including a user acceptance test of the application using production data.
  • Deploy. The project team first conducts a Production Pilot that field-tests and revises every aspect of the new implementation, user training, technical infrastructure, the network, and the help desk. The team then focuses on a successful transition from the production pilot to a full rollout.
  • Sustain. Evaluate to identify opportunities for improvement. The testing strategy and its objectives must be reviewed to identify any inadequacies in planning. Test cases must be updated to include testing scenarios that were discovered during testing and were not previously identified.

The tasks covered in this book are primarily in the configuration and deployment stages of the eRoadmap Methodology. The scenario for the book assumes that a design team has planned out the details and has provided NREC developers with design specifications used in configuration.

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