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Creating Symbolic String References

You create new symbolic strings in Siebel Tools. Symbolic strings created by Oracle are included in the Symbolic Strings project. Create all custom symbolic strings in your custom projects, for example the NREC Configuration project.

NOTE:  To be able to create symbolic strings, the EnableToolsConstrain parameter in the tools.cfg file must be set to FALSE.

The Symbolic String object is hidden by default. To work with symbolic strings you must make it visible.

To expose the Symbolic String object

  1. In Siebel Tools, choose View > Options.
  2. In the Development Tools Options dialog box, click the Object Explorer tab.
  3. Click the check box for the Symbolic String object, and then click OK.

    The Object Explorer now shows the Symbolic String object.

To create a symbolic string

  1. Check out the project in which to create the Symbolic String.
  2. In the Object Explorer, select the Symbolic Strings object type.
  3. In the Object List Editor, create a new record using the following table to complete the necessary fields.


    Unique name of the symbolic string. Siebel Tools enforces a predefined prefix for the symbolic string name, such as X_. This helps you distinguish custom symbolic strings from those created by the Siebel System (SBL_). The value used for the prefix is defined in the SymStrPrefix parameter in the tools.cfg file.

    Current String Value

    Calculated value based on the current Tools language mode and the String Value property of the corresponding child Symbolic String Locale object.


    Description of the symbolic string.

Some of the customizations you make for the NREC project involve adding new fields or changing the names of existing fields. You make these changes by adding new symbolic strings or by editing the Symbolic String Locale of an existing string. To get started on this effort, add the new symbolic strings as shown in the following table.

Current String Value



NREC Configuration



NREC Configuration


House ID

NREC Configuration


Number of Bathrooms

NREC Configuration


Number of Bedrooms

NREC Configuration


Square Feet

NREC Configuration

Notice that as you create each symbolic string, a Symbolic String Locale record is automatically added that has ENU as the language. This is because the Siebel Tools language mode is set to ENU.

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