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Modifying the Banner Frame Web Template

The first step for adding a new logo to the Frame Banner is to add the image file to the Images directory and then modify the Web template to include the new image.

To add a logo to the banner frame

  1. Add the image file you will use as your logo to the images directory of your Siebel Tools installation and to the Images directory of your test application.

    For example:

    • tools_root\PUBLIC\language_code\IMAGES
    • client_root\PUBLIC\language_code\IMAGES
  2. In Siebel Tools choose View > Windows > Web Templates Window.

    The Web Template Explorer appears.

  3. In the Web Template Explorer find dCCFrameBanner.

    The content of the template is displayed.

    dCCFrameBanner is the banner frame template for customer and partner applications.

    NOTE:  Make a backup copy of the dCCFrameBanner.swt file.

  4. Right-click in the window that displays the HTML, and then choose Edit Template.

    Your default HTML editor opens the dCCFrameBanner.swt file.

    NOTE:  If you have not set your default HTML Editor, choose View > Options, click the Web Template Editor tab, and then define the path to the editor to use.

  5. Find the following line of HTML:

    <td class="applicationMenu"><span valign="top"><swe:image name="BANNER_GLOBE_LOGO" category="HTML Control Icons"/></span></td>

  6. Replace the file name "BANNER_GLOBE_LOGO" with the name of your logo file.
  7. Find the following line:

    <td width="100%" class="bannerFade">&nbsp;</td>

  8. Remove the class="bannerfade" property as shown:

    <td width="100%">&nbsp;</td>

  9. Save the file.
  10. Copy the file dCCFrameBanner.swt from the Web Templates directory in your Tools installation directory to the Web Templates directory in your client installation.
  11. Clear your browser's cache directory and then open the Siebel application to be tested.

    For the current example, open the Partner Portal application.

    Changes appear similar to Figure 34.

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