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Configuring the House and Opportunity Entities

In this chapter you will work in three layers of the object model—data objects layer, business objects, and user interface object—with the goal of constructing four views based on NREC's design specifications. This involves both modifying existing object definitions and creating new ones, and includes the following tasks.

  • Creating and modifying views
  • Creating and modifying applets
  • Creating and modifying business components
  • Modifying business objects
  • Adding columns to an existing base table
  • Using 1:M extension tables

The tasks in each section start at the database layer then progress up to the user interface layer. Working through the material this way gives you a good understanding of the object definition sequence and give you plenty of practice with many of the common configuration tasks.

Tasks are covered in detail where they first appear. If a task also occurs later in the chapter, it is presented at a higher level with a cross reference to the detailed procedure.

You can follow the tasks in this chapter like a tutorial, configuring against the sample database.

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