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Exposing the MVG in the User Interface

After you create the underlying objects necessary to display the MVG, you can expose the multi-value field in the user interface. The Opportunity Form (SCW) applet already has a Contact field. It needs to be redefined so it shows the Contact MVG.

To expose the MVG in the user interface

  1. In the Object Explorer, select the Opportunity Form (SCW) applet.
  2. Expand the Control object type (child of Applet).
  3. Select the Contact control.
  4. Change the fields as shown in the following table.
    Current Value
    New Value


    Key Contact Id

    NREC Contact Last Name

    MVG Applet


    Contact MVG Applet




    NOTE:  The Contacts MVG is suitable for NREC's purposes. You could also have created a new MVG applet using the MVG Applet Wizard.

  5. Compile and Unit Test.

    The multi-value field appears in the applet with a select button next to it. When the user clicks the select button, the MVG applet appears. See Figure 25.

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