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Setting Up Developers as Siebel Employees

After developers have a database account, and the necessary positions and responsibilities are defined, you can set up each developer as an employee in your Siebel application.

To set up an employee user

  1. Log in to the development server with a user name and password that have administrator privileges, such as the SADMIN user name and SADMIN password.
  2. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - User > Employees.

    The Employee list appears.

  3. In the Employees list, add a new record and complete the fields in the following table.
    Example Value

    First Name


    The developer's first name.

    Last Name


    The developer's last name.

    User ID


    The user name to be used for logging on to Siebel Tools (and for identifying which user has checked out a project). The login name must match the user's database account name. Enter the login names in uppercase letters for compatibility across databases.



    The user's password to the application is the same as the user's password on the database account. This field is read-only.



    Positions determine which records are visible to users.


    Siebel Administrator

    Responsibilities determine which views a person has access to. Developers typically need access to every view for the purpose of testing and entering test data. For this reason, NREC chose to associate the Siebel Administrator responsibility to each developer. An alternative is to create a new responsibility that only allows developers access to a particular set of views.

NOTE:  The employee information for each developer resides on the development server. When you create a local database for the developer, this information is also included in each local database.

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