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Generating a New Database Template

A database template is a cached representation of Siebel tables and indexes that are stored in a database file (DBF). You create a database template on the server, in this case the development server. Siebel Remote uses the template to create the local database for each developer. You create the database template by running the Generate New Database server component (GenNewDb).

NOTE:  Before you can run server components, the component group to which it belongs must be enabled at the enterprise-level. If you enabled Siebel Remote during the server installation process, this is already done for the Remote component group. However, if you did not select Siebel Remote during the installation process, you need to enable it manually and then synchronize batch components. For instructions, read Siebel System Administration Guide.

For detailed information about Siebel Remote, read Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

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