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Setting Up Your Load Testing Environment

To set up your environment for automated load testing using Siebel Test Automation, perform the following steps.

  • Install your load testing tool.
  • Copy the Correlation Library (ssdtcorr.dll) to a location that is accessible to the load testing tool (for example, the BIN directory of the load testing tool). You can find the ssdtcorr.dll file in your Siebel Server installation (siebsrvr\bin on Windows, siebsrvr/lib on UNIX).

NOTE:  The Correlation Library is licensed for use only by licensed users of Siebel Test Automation. If you have not purchased a license for Siebel Test Automation, you are not permitted to write to or otherwise access the Correlation Library.

In addition, set up your test tool so that it communicates properly with the Correlation Library. For more information, refer to the documentation from your test tool vendor.

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