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Disabling Logging Before Initial Loads

Before performing an initial load through EIM, it is a good idea to disable transaction logging to improve EIM performance. Disabling transaction logging consists of disabling the Docking: Transaction Logging system preference.

CAUTION:  Do not disable Docking Transaction Logging if you have active mobile clients. Otherwise, the server database and mobile client databases will not be synchronized after the import. To synchronize them again, you need to again extract the database for each mobile client, and run database initialization on each client. For more information on synchronization, read Implementing Siebel Remote and Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

To disable transaction logging

  1. Navigate to the System Preferences screen.
  2. Select Docking: Transaction Logging.
  3. In the System Preference Value field, type FALSE.

    Do not change this value to TRUE until after you import the initial data.

  4. Click outside the row to save changes.

You can also change the transaction logging preference by changing the LOG TRANSACTIONS parameter in the EIM configuration file.

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