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Import Example

This chapter focuses on how NREC used EIM to import its account data into the Siebel database. To do this, the NREC administrator needed to load the applicable interface table (EIM_ACCOUNT), prepare the NRECimp.ifb configuration file, and run the EIM import process. This chapter provides the information for this example in the following order.

  • Account data to be loaded into the EIM_ACCOUNT interface table

    For information about how to load an interface table, including finding out which columns are mandatory, read Using the Interface Tables.

  • Configuration file

    To view the contents of the IFB file that used to customize the behavior of the EIM process, read A Sample Configuration File. There is also a brief explanation of the parameters that appear in the configuration file.

  • EIM process

    For the step-by-step instructions on running the EIM process, read To run an EIM process using the GUI. The process pulls the accounts data from the EIM_ACCOUNT interface table into the specified base tables in the database.

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