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Creating a Link

The relationship between houses and house renovations is one to many (1:M); there can be many renovations recorded for one house. Therefore, you need a link to create the parent-child relationship between the Internal Product business component and the NREC Renovations VBC business component. Internal Product is the business component that NREC is using to store houses. See NREC's entity relationship diagram shown in Figure 3.

To create a link between parent and child business components

  1. Select the Link object type.
  2. In the Links window, add a new record as shown in the following table.


    Internal Product/NREC Renovations VBC

    Unique name for the link.


    NREC Configuration

    Project to which the object belongs.

    Parent Business Component

    Internal Product

    Parent business component.

    Child Business Component

    NREC Renovations VBC

    Child Business component.

    Source Field

    Part #

    Unique ID on the parent record. Often this field is Row Id. In this case, the unique field is a manually entered value.

    Destination Field


    Column in the child record that stores the parent ID.

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