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Creating a New List Applet

To display the data from the NREC Renovations VBC you must create a new applet. The NREC design specifies a standard list applet. To create it you use the List Applet New Object wizard. In the next section, you create a master-detail view to contain the applet.

To create a new list applet to display renovation data

  1. Choose File > New Object.

    The New Object dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Applets tab and then select List Applet.
  3. Complete the wizard using the values as shown in the following table.


    NREC Configuration

    Applet Name

    Renovations List Applet

    Display Title


    Business Components

    NREC Renovations VBC

    Web Templates

    Base: Applet List (Base/List Edit)

    Edit List: Applet List Edit (Edit/New/Query)

    Edit: Applet List Edit (Edit/New/Query)


    House_ID, Date, Description


    Accept default controls selected for the applet.

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