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Running Generate Triggers

Use the Generate Trigger (GenTrig) component on the Siebel Server to create database triggers. The Workflow Policies module of Siebel Business Process Designer uses these database triggers to identify which records may match policy conditions. The Generate Triggers component needs to be rerun whenever new policies are created or deleted.

You can run the Generate Triggers component from either the Server Manager graphical user interface, or command line mode. The following procedure is for the GUI. For information about running Server Manager using the command line interface, read Siebel System Administration Guide.

To generate triggers using the GUI

  1. Navigate to Administration - Server Management > Enterprises.
  2. In the Component Requests view, click New.
  3. Select Generate Triggers from the Component Job list.

    This creates a new line entry but does not start the task.

  4. Click New in the Component Job Parameter list and define the parameters as shown in the following table.

    Trigger File Name


    This filename identifies the SQL script that needs to be run. The file is created in the siebel_srvr_root directory during installation, and its contents get created as a result of generating triggers.



    Setting this parameter to TRUE causes the SQL script to be run automatically.

    Table Owner Password

    Your Password

    Password for the table owner. This is required for Oracle and IBM DB2.

  5. Enter your Privileged User name and password.
  6. Click the Component Request form applet menu, then select Submit Request.
  7. To view changes to the state, refresh the screen by clicking Run Query from the applet menu.

    Upon completion, the Status field contains either Success or Error.

  8. View log details by doing the following:
    1. Click the Screen Enterprise Operation.
    2. In the Show field, select Tasks.
    3. Click the Task Info Log view tab.

      For more information about administering server component parameters, read Siebel System Administration Guide.

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