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Virtual Business Components

Virtual business components (VBCs) are mechanisms in Siebel EAI by which data from an external system can be viewed in Siebel applications without having to replicate that data within the Siebel Database. For example, your users could access detailed credit card information from a mainframe system for a given customer account and see it displayed in the Siebel application interface. In this case, the basic customer account data, such as account number, name, and so on, is stored in Siebel applications while the detailed transaction information on that customer's credit card account is stored in an external database. The detailed transaction information for a given account can be retrieved from the external system on demand without replicating that information in the Siebel applications.

VBCs are configured in Siebel Tools and use business services to access data from an external system. VBCs can use standard transports like MQSeries, HTTP, and MSMQ, along with the XML Gateway Service, to query, insert, and update data.

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