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Testing Your Business Service in the Simulator

You can use the Business Service Simulator to test your business services in an interactive mode.

To run the Business Service Simulator

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Business Service screen, Simulator view.

    NOTE:  The contents of the Simulator view are not persistent. To save the data entered in the applets, click the Save To File button. This will save the data for the active applet in an XML file. The data can then be loaded into the next session from an XML file by clicking on the Load From File button.

  2. In the Simulator list applet, click New to add the business service you want to test.
  3. Specify the Service Name and the Method Name.
  4. Enter the number of iterations you want to run the business service:
    • Specify the input parameters for the Business Service Method in the Input Property Set applet. Multiple input property sets can be defined and are identified by specifying a Test Case #.
    • If the Input Property Set has multiple properties, these can be specified by clicking on the glyph in the Property Name field. Hierarchical property sets can also be defined by clicking on the glyph in the Child Type field.
  5. Click Run to run the business service.

    The Simulator runs the specified number of iterations and loops through the test cases in order. If you have defined multiple input arguments, you can choose to run only one argument at a time by clicking Run On One Input.

    The result appears in the Output Property Set applet.

    NOTE:  When the Output arguments are created, you can click Move To Input to test the outputs as inputs to another method.

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