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Handling EAI HTTP Transport Business Service Errors

A business service that is called by the EAI HTTP Transport might return an error when standard HTTP headers are used to send error information back to the caller. Each of the headers has a sequence number at the end to support the return of multiple errors. The text of each error message is captured in the Siebel-Error-Message header, and the Siebel error symbol is set in the Siebel-Error-Symbol header as shown below.

Siebel-Error-Message-1: Error: error message text

Siebel-Error-Symbol-1: ERR_SYMBOL




Inbound HTTP also returns HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error) to indicate that there was an error from a business service. Examine the error headers for additional error information.

NOTE:  To troubleshoot an Inbound HTTP request, run the Siebel Workflow Simulator or Business Service Simulator.

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