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Selecting the Appropriate Business Service for HTTP

The business service you need to initialize to process a given XML document that is received from an external system using the EAI HTTP Transport depends on the processing you need to do on the data. The way to approach this is to accept the output of the EAI HTTP Transport and store it as a process property that you define, and process it later in the workflow based on the format of the data.

For example, you could pass the string into a custom business service that you build to parse the input, query some data in a Siebel application based on the data, and then update the appropriate field in the Siebel application. If the data is formatted as a SiebelMessage, you could use the EAI XML Converter business service with the XMLDocToIntObjHier method to pass an integration object instance to the EAI Siebel Adapter for further processing.

NOTE:  Do not use the Web Engine HTTP TXN business service for inbound HTTP transport sessions. This business service is intended only for Siebel user interface sessions in the Siebel Web Client or Siebel Mobile Web Client. It is not compatible with invocation from the EAI Application Object Manager task. For information on the Web Engine HTTP TXN business service, see Siebel Portal Framework Guide.

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