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EAI HTTP Transport Named Subsystems

The EAI HTTP Transport, like every other Siebel transport, reads required parameters from a named subsystem instead of the configuration (.cfg) file. The eai.cfg file entries list the external service name and the name of the named subsystem to be used. For example:

SiebelQuery = SiebelQueryDispatch

There is no [Properties] section for SiebelQueryDispatch in the .cfg file. The name is used to look up the named subsystem list and dispatch accordingly. Use named subsystems for property specification. Predefined named subsystems have been created for you already, such as:

  • SiebelQueryDispatch
  • SiebelExecuteDispatch
  • SiebelUpsertDispatch

NOTE:  You previously specified properties by means of .cfg file entries. In version 8.0 and higher you must switch to using named subsystems because *.cfg file entries are not supported. Only named subsystems will work for new functionality such as Dispatch Service and Character Set Conversions. You can create additional named subsystems as needed using Siebel Server Manager.

For a discussion of named subsystems for Siebel EAI, see EAI Transports and Interfaces Overview. For more information on named subsystems, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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