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About Implementing a Business Service in Java

Once the Java business service has been defined in Siebel Tools, the Java class must be implemented. The Java class implementing the business service must extend com.siebel.eai.SiebelBusinessService.

SiebelBusinessService is an abstract Java class found in Siebel.jar. It declares three methods:

  • destroy. This method is called when the Java object is released by the Siebel application. It has a default empty implementation and can be overridden for the purpose of performing any cleanup.
  • invokeMethod. This method contains a default implementation that calls doInvokeMethod and catches any exceptions that are thrown by it. It does not declare any exceptions. It is invoked by means of JNI in the Siebel application's native process. This method is not intended to be overridden.
  • doInvokeMethod. This method must be implemented by the subclass that implements the business service. It takes as arguments the methodName, input property set, and output property set. The property sets are instances of This method throws SiebelBusinessServiceException.
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