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Example of a Java Business Service

Following is an example of a Java class implementing a business service:

package com.mycompany.jbs;


import com.siebel.eai.SiebelBusinessServiceException;

public class AddBusinessService extends com.siebel.eai.SiebelBusinessService {

public void doInvokeMethod(String methodName, SiebelPropertySet input,

SiebelPropertySet output) throws SiebelBusinessServiceException {

String X = input.getProperty("X");

String Y = input.getProperty("Y");

if (X == null || X.equals("") || (Y == null) || Y.equals(""))

throw new SiebelBusinessServiceException("NO_PAR", "Missing param");

if (!methodName.equals ("Add"))

throw new SiebelBusinessServiceException("NO_SUCH_METHOD", "No such method");

else {

int x = 0;

int y = 0;

try {

   x = Integer.parseInt(X);

   y = Integer.parseInt(Y);


catch (NumberFormatException e) {

   throw new SiebelBusinessServiceException("NOT_INT", "Noninteger passed");


int z = x + y;

output.setProperty("Z", new Integer(z).toString());




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