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About the JMSSubsys Named Subsystem

The arguments to any method of JMS Transport can be supplied individually as properties of the input property set or as part of a named subsystem of type JMSSubsys. When invoking the JMS Transport asynchronously by starting a JMS Receiver component, the arguments must be supplied by way of a named subsystem.

This subsystem supplies all of the necessary parameters for any one of these three methods: ReceiveDispatch, ReceiveDispatchSend, or SubscribeDispatch. The parameters for the three methods are ConnectionFactory, ReceiveQueue, SendQueue, Topic, SubscriberIdentifier, ReceiveTimeout, JMSType, JMSPriority, JMSExpiration, JMSDeliveryMode.

In addition, this subsystem has a property JVMSubsys, which can be given the name of the JVM subsystem instance to use. The default value is JAVA. Therefore, if the property JVMSubsys is not explicitly given a value, there must be a properly configured instance of the type JVMSubSys named JAVA.

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