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About the EAI JMS Transport Business Service

The EAI JMS Transport business service is an API for accessing enterprise messaging systems. It supports the ability to send and receive messages by way of JMS servers. JMS defines two messaging models: point-to-point (by way of JMS queues) and publish-and-subscribe (by way of JMS topics). Both are supported by the Siebel EAI JMS Transport.

JMS queues and topics are identified by their Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) names. A JNDI naming service is required in order to use the EAI JMS Transport. It will contain entries for the desired queues and topics.

The API of EAI JMS Transport is very similar to other Siebel messaging APIs such as the EAI MQSeries Server Transport and EAI MSMQ Transport.

The EAI JMS Transport is built using the Java Business Service and therefore inherits all the requirements of that business service. This includes the independent installation of a Java virtual machine (JVM) and the configuration of the Siebel application to identify and create the JVM.

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