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Features Not Supported for Use with the Siebel JMS Transport

The following features are not supported for use with the Siebel JMS Transport:

  • Message Selection. JMS has a feature called Message Selection, by which a receiver or subscriber can filter the messages it receives by specifying certain criteria. This feature is not supported by Siebel's JMS Transport.
  • Concurrency with non-JMS messaging. It is not recommended that JMS messaging be used concurrently (for a single queue) with non-JMS messaging. For example, it is not recommended that a message be sent by way of JMS and later read using native tools. JMS vendors do not typically support such usage; it may result in the appearance of additional headers or additional obscure data in the body of the message.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The Siebel JMS Transport is primarily designed to support message exchange with external messaging systems (providers) using the JMS API 1.0.2b Java EE standard. The JMS standard is not bound to transport layers, such as TCP/IP, and does not address transport layer-specific features, such as securing TCP/IP socket connections using SSL. For information on enabling and using SSL with the Siebel JMS Transport, contact the vendor of your JMS system. For information on the JMS API 1.0.2b standard, see:

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