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EAI MQSeries Server Transport Named Subsystem

The EAI MQSeries Transport can read parameters from a named subsystem. For the EAI MQSeries Server Transport, the named subsystem type is MqSeriesServerSubsys.

The following is an example of the EAI MQSeries Server Transport and the commands to create a named subsystem and start a receiver:

create named subsystem MyMqSrvrSubsys for subsystem MQSeriesServerSubsys with MqPhysicalQueueName=Receiver, MqRespPhysicalQueueName=Sender, MqQueueManagerName=myQueueMgr

create named subsystem SiebelEcho for subsystem EAITransportDataHandlingSubsys with DispatchService="Workflow Utilities", DispatchMethod=ECHO

start task for comp MqSeriesSrvRcvr with ReceiverConnectionSubsystem=MyMqSrvrSubsys, ReceiverDataHandlingSubsystem=SiebelEcho, ReceiverMethodName=ReceiveDispatchSend

  • For a discussion of named subsystems for Siebel EAI, see EAI Transports and Interfaces Overview.
  • For more information on named subsystems, see Siebel System Administration Guide.
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