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Methods for Sending and Receiving Messages

EAI MSMQ Transport supports two transport modes: sending messages and receiving messages. The following methods are supported:

  • Send
  • Send and Receive Response (SendReceive)
  • Receive
  • Receive and Execute Service (ReceiveDispatch)
  • Receive, Execute, Send Response (ReceiveDispatchSend)

Messages from a Siebel Application to an External System

You configure EAI MSMQ Transport using the Siebel Business Process Designer, where you specify various parameters, such as the queue where Siebel outbound messages are sent. You configure the message itself using the integration object feature within Siebel Tools. The message can be in any text or binary format, including XML. The default format is XML, where the integration object defines the XML Schema Definition (XSD) or the Document Type Definition (DTD) associated with the XML document.

You configure the EAI MSMQ Transport at design time to specify the MSMQ queue machine name and the queue name. You use the EAI MSMQ Transport along with the Siebel Business Process Designer Manager to model business processes for sending messages to the external system.

You can configure the EAI MSMQ Transport to send messages to external systems when an event occurs in a Siebel application. For example, suppose that one of your sales representatives enters a new opportunity for an account into a Siebel application. This information needs to be sent to other business units that may or may not be using a Siebel application. The message can be sent using EAI MSMQ Transport as the transport mechanism to inform these external systems.

EAI MSMQ Transport can also be used synchronously to send a message and receive a response back from an external system in a single session. For example, suppose that one of your customers calls your Call Center requesting information on an account. The sales agent initiates a process to send a request with the account name from a Siebel application to an external mainframe system using the EAI MSMQ Transport. In response, the sales agent then receives a list of transaction details for that customer displayed within a Siebel application form.

Messages to a Siebel Application from an External System

External applications can send messages to a Siebel application using EAI MSMQ Transport. These messages are received and routed by the EAI MSMQ Receiver in conjunction with the MSMQ system.

The EAI MSMQ Receiver is a Siebel Server component that waits for messages in a specified queue. If you select the Receive, Execute, Send Response method, the EAI MSMQ Receiver waits for a response from a Siebel application and places the output into a response queue.

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