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About the Siebel Resource Adapter

The Siebel Resource Adapter is for use within the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) by Java EE-based applications (EJBs, JSPs, servlets) that are deployed on containers. JCA provides clients with a standard interface to multiple enterprise information services such as the Siebel application.

The Siebel Resource Adapter implements system-level contracts that allow a standard Java EE application server to perform services such as pooling connections and managing security. This is referred to as operation within a managed environment.

The Java EE Connection Architecture also provides for operation in a nonmanaged environment, where the client need not be deployed in a Java EE container, but instead uses the adapter directly. In this case, the client takes responsibility for services such as managing security.

The Siebel Resource Adapter has transaction support level NoTransaction. This means that the Siebel Resource Adapter does not support local or JTA transactions. For more information on JCA, see:

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