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About Running the Java Data Bean

Two Siebel .jar files are needed to compile and run a Java application that uses the Java Data Bean:

  • Siebel.jar
  • SiebelJI_lang.jar (lang is the installed language pack; for example, SiebelJI_enu.jar for English or SiebelJI_jpn.jar for Japanese.)

These jar files are provided with the standard Siebel installation under the directory INSTALLED_DIR\classes.

Documentation of individual classes is provided in the form of javadoc (Siebel_JavaDoc.jar), which is installed when installation option Siebel Java Integrator (a component of the Siebel Tools or the Siebel Server installer) is chosen. This .jar file contains the up-to-date javadoc for the Siebel Java Data Bean, Siebel Resource Adapter, and dependent classes.

NOTE:  The Siebel Data Bean is not thread-safe: simultaneous access by different threads is not supported. This restriction applies to all objects obtained from the same instance of SiebelDataBean. For example, if two instances of SiebelBusObj are obtained from the same SiebelDataBean, methods on them are not invoked simultaneously by different threads.

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