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Generating Unique Filenames

When using the EAI File Transport, you can have the system generate unique file names for you, as needed. One way is to specify the directory name only. The other way is to include $$ in the filename.

NOTE:  If a directory is not specified when using the EAI XML Write to File, EAI XML Read from File, or the EAI File Transport business service, the FileName input argument defaults to the directory where the Siebel application is running.

Directory Only. To generate the unique file name, only enter the directory name. For example, instead of specifying the filename as d:\data\record1.xml, just specify d:\data. For every call of the workflow, a unique name is generated in the directory. To find out the file name generated, specify FileName as an output argument for the File Transport Workflow Step.

Using $$. For generating filenames based on the $$ wildcard, specify the filename in the form d:\data\record$$.xml. At run time, Siebel application replaces the $$ with a unique row ID, for example, d:\data\record3-149.xml.

NOTE:  The file name generated by using $$ is not returned as the output filename property.

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