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EIM Table Naming Conventions

EIM tables in the Siebel database use a three-part naming convention; the syntax is: PREFIX_NAME_SUFFIX. These three parts are described as follows:

  • PREFIX. All interface tables used by EIM have the prefix EIM_ (such as EIM_ACCOUNT). These EIM tables support Organizations, so they can be used for all EIM processes.

    NOTE:  Previous versions of EIM used a different set of EIM (interface) tables, identified by the prefix S_ and the suffix _IF. These tables still appear in the Siebel database, but are inactive. These tables will not be included in the Siebel database in future versions. If you need these tables activated temporarily, contact Siebel Expert Services.

  • NAME. A unique table name that is generally composed of an abbreviation of an entity type name. If more than one EIM table is required to fully support an entity, a sequential number may be added to the name of each table after the first one.
  • SUFFIX. A supertype name may be followed by a suffix that indicates the types of data supported by the EIM table or to distinguish it as an EIM table.

For more information, see Viewing EIM Table Mappings to Base Tables.

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