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Field Service Activity Templates and Activity Plans

Activity plans are created using activity templates. Activity templates are collections of predefined activities. Activity plans may include schedule requirements for carrying out these activities.

In the Activity Plans views on the Service Requests, Accounts, and Repairs screens, only the activity templates for specific types of activity are visible. For example, when you generate an activity plan for opportunities, only activity plans of the type Opportunity are visible. When you select a template all the activities in that template and the child records of those activities (for example, Service Details, Items, Skills, and so on) are selected.

Fields Copied from Activity Templates

The following fields are copied from activity templates to an activity plan:

  • Activity type
  • Alarm
  • Category
  • Comments
  • Cost Estimate
  • Description
  • Display In
  • Duration
  • Employee

    NOTE:  If Employee is defined in the Activity Template, then it is copied. Otherwise, the value in the Employee field depends on the activity category. If the activity category is not Field Engineer Activity, Repair Activity, Preventive Maintenance, or Other, then the Employee field is populated with the current login ID.

  • Lock Assignment
  • Priority
  • Status

Child records associated with the template are copied to the following views on the Activities screen:

  • Steps view
  • Instructions view
  • Items view
  • Skills view

NOTE:  To copy the child records from the template, set the activity Category field to Field Service Activity, Preventive Maintenance, Repair Activity, or Other. See All Activities View.

For more information about views on the Activities screen, see Activities Screen.

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