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Scenario for Performing Field Service Activities with the Task UI Application

A field engineer must complete a Field Repair assignment. He uses the Task UI application for this activity by clicking Execute Field Task Start to Finish in the Task UI pane. He uses the Next button to move from screen to screen in the task.

He first reviews details for the activity, then checks his trunk inventory. He updates the status to Scheduled and views a map of the account service location. He updates the status to En Route and drives to the site. When he arrives, he sets the status to In Progress. Behind the scenes, the Task UI creates a Time Tracker record for the time he was en route. For more information on the Time Tracker feature, see Time Tracker View.

On site, the field engineer looks at the Review Instructions screen, reviews and records steps and takes readings. He records the asset transactions that he performed while doing the repair, and logs his time and expenses. Finally, he prints an invoice for the customer to sign.

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