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Alarms for Field Service Activities

Activities are attached to many Siebel business objects; for example, Service Requests and Opportunities. Siebel applications can notify the user of the start time for a pending activity. Selecting the Alarm check box in each Activity record turns on this notification.

Alarm notification displays a dialog box or pop-up window in the Siebel user interface at a predetermined interval before the start of each activity. The Alarm dialog box appears only once for each activity, unless the activity is repeated (the Repeat box is selected in the activity record). If the activity is repeated, the alarm appears at the specified time before the start of each instance of the activity.

Alarms work only through the user interface; they cannot trigger workflow processes. Because alarms require high interactivity, they are available only for Siebel Enterprise Applications that have high interactivity selected.

Setting Alarms for Field Service Activities

Alarms notify users of upcoming activities. One setting configures the time at which the notification takes place.

To set the time that alarms appear

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Tools > User Preferences.

    The User Preferences screen appears.

  2. On the link bar, click Calendar.

    The Calendar form appears.

  3. In the Alarm Lead Time field, select a time from 5 to 120 minutes before the value of Planned Start for each activity.

Turning On Alarms for Field Service Activities

To set the alarm for an activity, select the Alarm box in an activity record on any screen that provides an Activities view or in the Calendar screen (see the following procedure).

To turn on alarms for a calendar activity

  1. Navigate to the Calendar screen.
  2. Create a new record and complete the fields as appropriate.
  3. In the Calendar Detail view, select the Alarm check box.
  4. Click Save This One.
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