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Barcode Concepts and Terms

The following terms and concepts are specific to the Barcode module.


A series of vertical bars printed or stamped on parts, containers, labels, or other media. These bars represent information that can be read by an electronic barcode reader attached to a computer system.

Barcode types

Multiple types of barcodes exist. Some can encode only numbers, while others can encode numbers, letters, and special computer control characters. Each uses a series of varying-width bars and spaces to represent characters.

For information about supported barcode types, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network for your Siebel application.

Barcode scanner

An electronic device that detects a barcode's pattern of bars and spaces and transmits the pattern to a barcode reader.

Barcode reader

An electronic device that decodes the barcode patterns sent from a scanner into the characters they represent, and transmits those characters to a computer as though the data were typed in.

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