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Replenishment Engine

Replenishment is the process of generating orders to restock depleted parts in an inventory location. The Replenishment Engine generates internal orders to other inventory locations or purchase orders to outside vendors using the following information about a product in inventory:

  • Minimum and maximum stock levels, plus a safety level
  • Replenishment relationships with other inventories

There are three sources for replenishment:

  • Another service inventory location. The Replenishment Engine generates an internal order. For example, the main service warehouse replenishes a subsidiary warehouse.
  • External provider. The product is purchased from an external vendor. In this case, the Replenishment Engine generates a purchase order.
  • Manufacturing inventory. The product is provided by an internal manufacturing division. Such replenishments are usually handled as if from an external provider; a purchase order is generated.

NOTE:  Replenishment is different from fulfillment. For more information, see Fulfillment Overview. The replenishment process creates orders to restock inventory; the fulfillment process allocates items to fill outgoing orders and generates pick tickets.

The Replenishment Engine requires as input one or more inventory locations.

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