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Selecting Data to Display in the Dispatch Board's Gantt Chart (End User)

This task is a step in Process of Assigning Activities.

To select field service engineers and other items that appear on the Gantt chart, use any of the following options:

  • Select a service region to display the appropriate engineers.
  • If needed, query to filter the display list of engineers.
  • Enter an appropriate date.

About Displaying Parent Service Regions in the Gantt Chart

When you select a service region that is a parent region on the Dispatch Board, the list of available employees on the Gantt chart includes:

  • Employees of the selected service region
  • Employees of the child service region and all its descendants

See Specifying Parent Service Regions for more information.

Using the Dispatch Board Queries with Legacy Data

If there is a large quantity of legacy data, older activities that were not scheduled using the Dispatch Board may also appear. It is advisable to limit the queries to show only records created after the Dispatch Board is installed, to make sure that extraneous data does not appear in the Activities view.

To display information relating to a specific service region

  1. Navigate to the Dispatch Board screen.
  2. Click Select Service Region.
  3. In the Pick Service Region dialog box, select a service region and click OK.

    The field service engineers associated with the selected service region and descendant service regions (child service regions and their children) appear in the left column of the Gantt chart.

    NOTE:  Available hours are shown in the Gantt chart with colors that represent rate types. Nonworking periods are grey, working periods are white, overtime periods are orange, and extended overtime periods are brown. If no colors are specified for activities, yellow boxes are the default to indicate activities that are assigned and scheduled.

To display information relating to a specific date

  1. Navigate to the Dispatch Board screen.
  2. In the Date fields, enter the date to display in the Gantt chart and click Go.

    The data for the selected date appears in the chart.

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