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Running the Preventive Maintenance Engine

There are two methods of invoking the Preventive Maintenance Engine:

  • Using component jobs
  • Using the Field Service client
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Using Component Jobs

Administrators can set up jobs (one-time or repeating) for tasks that are serviced by the Preventive Maintenance Engine. The component-specific parameters specified by the job determine what the engine does for that job. For a detailed explanation, see Parameters for the Preventive Maintenance Engine.

In general, tasks must define these variables:

  • A set of objects for the engine to operate on.
  • A date that is the latest date to schedule preventive maintenance during the run.
  • The mode in which the task is to be run. When invoking the PM Engine through component jobs, you can specify either ID or SQL mode for this variable. (The Field Service client uses another mode, TempTbl, when invoking the PM engine.)
  • The sub-mode, which determines the entities that are specified for the selected mode.

The set of objects must include either assets and plans or agreements, as defined by the sub-mode parameter in the job. In the case of assets and plans, if only assets or only plans are specified, then all of the other object types are assumed. For example, if only assets are specified (Sub-mode=Assets), then the Preventive Maintenance Engine checks the specified assets with all plans. When agreements are specified, each agreement implicitly defines a set of assets and plans (entitlements have both associated assets/products and PM plans) that the engine is to process for that agreement.

Usually these jobs use a SQL parameter that completes a SQL statement. The SQL statement locates the objects that the Preventive Maintenance Engine will process for that run. Component jobs can also use ID parameters instead of the SQL parameters.

CAUTION:  Do not run component jobs in Temp-Table Mode to invoke the Preventive Maintenance Engine. This mode is reserved for interactive engine jobs sent directly from a client application.

Using the Field Service Client

End users can pass client requests directly from the client application. They can do this by performing one of the following:

To invoke the PM engine from the Assets screen

  1. Navigate to the Assets screen > Preventive Maintenance view.
  2. Select an asset. From the menu drop-down list, select Run PM All.

To invoke the PM engine from the Agreements screen

  1. Navigate to the Agreements screen > Preventive Maintenance view.
  2. Select an agreement. From the menu drop-down list, select Run PM All.
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