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Creating Features and Subfeatures

Product marketing managers can use Release Manager to enter new product features and, if appropriate, subfeature components of these features.

To add a feature and subfeature

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > Features list view.
  2. Add a new feature record and complete the fields, as needed.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Account that requested the feature or to which your company is contractually obligated to deliver the feature.


    Product area associated with the feature.

    Associated Parties

    Individuals associated with the feature. The product marketing manager responsible for the feature should be set as Primary.

    EAT Completion Date

    Engineering Acceptance Test completion date.


    Parent feature to the current feature. You can use this field to set up an n-level hierarchy of parent features and child subfeatures. However, linking to a parent feature with the Parent field does not add this feature to the parent feature's Subfeatures list.


    Priority of this feature relative to other features targeted for the same release.

    Product Line

    The list of product line choices depends on the selection in the Subarea field.


    Name or number of the product release for which the feature is a candidate.


    Indicator of the level of revenue tied to delivering this feature in the targeted release.


    Source of the idea for this feature.


    Shows color codes with the following meanings:

    • Green - Approved for the release
    • Yellow - May be included in the release
    • Red - Not included in the release


    Product subarea associated with the feature. The list of subarea choices depends on the selection in the Area field.

  3. Drill down on the Feature field and click the Subfeatures subview tab if you want to add subfeatures to the feature.
  4. Add subfeatures as appropriate.
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