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Adding Engineering Tasks and Linking Features

After product marketing managers have entered some features and their corresponding MRDs into Release Manager, engineering managers can begin analyzing the development work and identifying the discrete tasks required to implement the features. These tasks can be entered directly into Release Manager. As engineering task records are created, they are linked to the features they are designed to implement.

The product marketing and engineering managers match the requested features with the available engineering resources. During this process, the relative importance of the features are weighed against the investment required to implement them. Some features may be deferred to a future release. The end result is a final set of release features for which the necessary engineering resources are available.

To add an engineering task and link features

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > Feature Engineer Tasks view.
  2. Add a new record and complete the fields, as needed.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Associated Parties

    Individuals associated with the engineering task. The engineering manager responsible for the task should be set as Primary.

    Code Review

    For software releases. Date when the code review took place.

    Comp %

    Portion of the task that has been completed to date.

    Design Review

    Date when the design review took place.


    Indicator of the level of effort required on the part of the engineer to complete the task.

    Engineering Group

    Engineering group responsible for the task. Usually, this is the group to which the engineering manager (owner) of the task belongs.

    Parent Task

    Parent task to the current task. You can use this field to set up a hierarchy of parent tasks and child subtasks.


    Name or number of the product release with which the engineering task is associated.


    Level of risk of destabilizing the product by undertaking this engineering task.

    Target Date

    Date when the task is expected to be completed.

  3. Drill down on the Task # field and click the Related Features field if you want to associate features to the engineering task.
  4. Add related features as appropriate.
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