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Creating Technical Documents and Linking Features

After release features have been identified, Technical Publications can begin revising existing documentation or developing new documents to describe new product functionality.

Documentation development is tracked in Release Manager, with the document available as an attachment to the record. Associated features are linked to the document. Product marketers who may be associated with the development of the document are linked to the record, and their approvals are recorded. For each document, the fraction completed and the target completion date are logged so that potential issues can be flagged before they become critical.

To add a document

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > Technical Documents view.
  2. Add a new record and complete the fields, as needed.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Associated Parties

    Individuals associated with development of the document. The author should be set as Primary.

    Complete %

    Portion of the document that has been completed to date.

    Est Pages

    Estimated number of pages for the completed document.

    New %

    Portion of the document that will be new in this version.


    Name or number of the product release with which the document is associated.

    Target Date

    Date when the document is expected to be completed.

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