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Scenario for Quality Assurance

As Product Marketing defines release features and Engineering implements them, Quality Assurance writes test plans to validate the features. Each completed test plan is entered as an individual record in Release Manager. Each test plan is linked to the features it is designed to validate.

Next, Quality Assurance creates test strategies, which are logical groupings of test plans. (For example, all test plans for one application module might be grouped together as a test strategy. Alternatively, all test plans to be executed on the same platform and browser combination might be grouped together as a test strategy.) Each completed test strategy is entered as an individual record in Release Manager. Each test strategy is linked to the test plans that it groups together.

After test strategies have been defined, Quality Assurance runs test plan executions, or test passes. Each test plan execution is logged as a test pass record. As the test passes are recorded, Quality Assurance links the test pass records to their respective test plans. Defects found during testing are recorded as change request records and linked to the test passes from which they were recorded.

During and after testing, Quality Assurance managers can run various reports on test pass results to monitor the health and progress of the product release effort.

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