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Rules Enforced by the Appointment Booking System

When preparing a list of possible time slots, the ABS enforces the following rules:

  • The time slots offered must equal the availability of the personnel for a service region.
  • The time slots offered must match the personnel who have the required skills. You can enforce this rule the Use Assignment Manager scheduling parameter.

    NOTE:  Assignment Manager scores do not affect the order or ranking of the time slots returned. They only determine whether an employee is eligible to own a particular activity.

  • Time slots must meet other constraints; for example, never have an engineer do more than four installations per day. Other limits on field service activities can meet business or union requirements.
  • The ABS can have activities that extend over more than one day.
  • Activities that cross between the end of the Optimizer horizon and the beginning of the ABS period are treated as locked by both of these engines.
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