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Audit Trail Overview

Audit Trail creates a history of the changes that have been made to service requests. An audit trail is a record showing which operation was performed, when it was performed, and how the value was changed. Therefore, it is useful for examining the history of a particular service request. Audit Trail logs information without requiring any interaction with, or input from, your users. Topics include:

By using Audit Trail, your users can track which employee modified a certain field and what data has been changed. An audit trail is created for each status change, along with a time stamp and the ID of the user who made the change.

For Siebel Remote users making changes to records, Audit Trail works for every Siebel Web deployment and configuration option, including synchronization. Audit Trail records not only show successfully committed transactions, but also transactions that did not get synchronized to the server because of conflicts.

An audit trail is written directly into the database, supporting both remote users and replicated databases. Changes to an audit trail field are cached in the application. Exiting from the Siebel Application and restarting it writes all cached changes to the database. Alternatively, when the cache size is reached, all cached entries are automatically written to the database even when a user has not exited from the application.

NOTE:  Audit Trail supports the Service Requests and Asset Mgmt - Asset business components.

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