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Service Request Solutions

Customer service organizations estimate that approximately 85 percent of incoming service requests have been previously resolved by other customer service representatives. To minimize costs and maximize the effectiveness of a call center, an organization can reuse the solutions for previously resolved problems.

The Solutions module allows you to store, organize, associate, and search the knowledge base for resolutions successfully used for similar problems or even published solutions for potential problems.

After a problem is successfully resolved, you can associate the solution with the service request for reference, in case the service request is reopened by the customer at a later date. Recording the solution also makes it possible for you to resolve similar service requests without doing extensive research. You can find an existing service request, solution, or resolution document that may provide information relevant for the current service request or product defect under investigation. You can quickly review the information and associate it with the current service request or product defect.

NOTE:  Full text search of service requests is configurable. To configure the search engine for service requests, see Siebel Search Administration Guide.

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