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Receive Orders Views

Clicking on any Receive Type value in the All Pending Orders view exposes a corresponding Receive Order view:

  • Receive Internal Order
  • Receive PO
  • Receive Repair Order
  • Receive RMA

NOTE:  The Receive Unknown view is available only from the All Unknown Receipts view. For the procedure, see To add Unknown Receipt records.

The Receive Orders views have a Process Receipt button that carries out validations for the selected receipt and creates the appropriate inventory transaction. For more information, see Process Receipt Button.

Line Items Subview

The Line Items subview lists the items received in the selected receipt. The Qty field shows the number of each line item in the received order. The records are read-only.

Received Line Item Subview

The Received Line Item subview records the inventory level (availability and status) and destination inventory location of received line items. The total quantity cannot exceed the Qty value in the selected Line Items record.

Serial Numbers Subview

The Serial Numbers subview records the serial/asset number for each serialized asset received as part of the selected line item. This view accepts only as many records as the total quantity in the Received Line Item view.

NOTE:  The Serial Number subview does not verify the uniqueness of serial numbers.

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