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Processing and Tracking Shipments

Follow these procedures to process the shipping of orders.

To ship an order

  1. Navigate to the Shipping screen > Shipments view.
  2. Select a pick ticket record.
  3. Drill down on the Pick Ticket field hyperlink.
  4. In the Allocated Lines list, select a line item.
  5. If the selected line item is a serialized product, add a new record for it in the Serial Numbers list.
  6. In the Allocated Lines list, click Ship to ship one or more selected line items, or click Ship All to ship all line items.

    This generates a shipped quantity in the Pick Ticket subview that is equal to the allocated quantity for the line items.

  7. In the upper Pick Ticket form, click Process Shipment to create inventory transactions for the line items selected in the Allocated Lines list and for the quantities specified in the Shipped Line form.

    NOTE:  If the Qty field on the Shipped Line form does not contain a value, clicking Process Shipment will not create inventory transactions.

To find a pick ticket for a line item

  1. Navigate to the Service Order screen > List view.
  2. Drill down on a selected order record.
  3. In the Line Items subview, select an order line item record.
  4. Click the Actions view tab.
  5. In the Actions list, select an Action record and copy the number in the Pick Ticket field.
  6. Navigate to the Shipping screen.
  7. In the Pick Tickets list, query the pick ticket number.

To consolidate pick tickets

  1. Navigate to the Shipping screen > Consolidation view.
  2. In the Pick Ticket form, select a pick ticket record.
  3. In the Qualified Lines tab, select one or more other pick tickets to add to the consolidation.
  4. Click Consolidate.

    Line items move from the Qualified Lines applet to the Consolidated Lines applet.

To fill in waybills for pick tickets

  1. Navigate to the Shipping screen > Waybill view.
  2. In the Pick Ticket form, select a pick ticket record.
  3. In the Waybill form, complete the fields as needed to ship the items in the selected pick ticket.

Pick Tickets and Orders

Pick tickets and orders have the following relationship:

  1. Orders have one or many line items.
  2. Line Items may have one or many records (actions) in the database.
  3. One or many records (of type Allocate) can be associated with one pick ticket.

While Order ID and Order Item ID do not appear in the Pick Tickets view, these values reside in the database:

  • S_ORDER_ID in the S_ORDER_ITEM table
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