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Field Service offers multilevel warranty tracking, immediate recognition, and closed-loop handling. Warranties are categorized into three types: product, manufacturer, and component. Each warranty specifies the covered products, costs, and service providers. A warranty is valid for a specified amount of time or usage. Warranties are separate from entitlements that are sold to a customer.

When an asset is created for a product that is covered by warranties, the user can verify the applicable warranties by clicking the Get Warranties button on the Assets screen > List > Warranty view. The number of days remaining on the warranty is automatically tracked.

When creating a service request or repair number for repairing an asset, the user can choose the Check Warranty menu command to immediately find out the valid warranty coverage based on a specified day. If a warranty is not associated with an asset, the Check Warranty feature automatically checks the parent and root assets to determine if the asset is covered by an applicable component warranty.

When an asset returned from the field is still under warranty, an order can be created for the warranty provider, and each line item is tracked through closure, based on the warranty recovery process.

Concurrent Warranties

Siebel Field Service provides the ability to create concurrent warranties. These warranties are valid for:

  • A predefined amount of time
  • A predefined amount of usage

For example, an automobile warranty that expires after 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, is a concurrent warranty.

NOTE:  In Siebel Field Service, time parameters are required fields and usage parameters are optional fields.

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