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Scenario for Managing Siebel Finance Applications

This scenario features sample tasks performed by a financial institution's applications administrator and branch agents. Your company may follow different workflows according to its business requirements.

Application Administrator Creates a New Financial Product and Application

An application administrator receives a list of business requirements from the Product department for a new checking product. The requirement list includes:

  • The fields necessary to capture the application
  • The new sales methods and their stages
  • The activities to complete after the application is submitted
  • The form template for the application and the correspondence templates for this product to complete this application

With these requirements, the application administrator determines which views have the required fields for this product. He then defines the sequence of views in the Application Workflow view of the Administration - Product screen.

After setting the view sequence, the administrator creates new application stages for the product. Because it is a new product, the application stages differ from those of other products. The administrator then sets up an activities plan to associate with the product. The activities plan allows agents to accomplish and coordinate complex tasks by automatically creating and assigning the appropriate follow-up activities to support the review and processing of the application. It also provides a way to monitor the progress of these activities after the application is submitted.

The administrator then sets up the application form template in a Microsoft Word document and associates the template with fields in the application screen. Finally, the administrator works on the correspondence views to set up new correspondence templates for the product.

Branch Agent Prepares a Customer Application for the New Product

A branch agent assists a customer who wants to open the new checking account product. The agent creates a new checking application by using the Next button to navigate through the application screens and views. He also generates the activities plan for this application in order to create activities to follow up on trailing documents, set up the review process, and call back the customer.

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