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Setting Up Application View Navigation

Setting up an application view navigation allows end users to use the Next button to navigate through the screens required to complete an application in Siebel Finance. This view navigation can include views from screens other than just the Applications screen, although navigation is restricted to the current screen. The Next button is supported by the FINS Application View Navigation Service business service. For more information on this business service, see FINS Application View Navigation.

The application view order varies from product to product; therefore, you will need to set up the view order for every product for which your agents will fill out applications. As an administrator, you set up the view order using the Application Workflow view in the Administration - Product screen.

The view order determines the next view the agent sees when filling out one or more applications for a customer in a single session. For instance, the view order of a basic checking application may use the following views in the following order: Applicant, Income Sources, Check Order, and Funding. If the end user manually starts in the Income Sources view, then clicks the Next button, the next view to appear is the Applicant view. The Application view sequence for the checking application process then follows the sequence for basic checking that was set in the Application Workflow Administration view.

NOTE:  If the product does not exist, add it. For more information about adding products, see Product Administration Guide.

To set up an application view navigation

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen > Products view.
  2. In the Products list, drill down on the product for which you want to set up an application workflow.
  3. In the More Info form, from the Show drop-down list, select Application Workflow.
  4. In the Application Workflow list, add a record.
  5. In the Add View Order dialog box, select a view to add to the workflow.
  6. To change the view order of a view, change the Sequence Number in the Application Workflow list.
  7. Continue adding views an end user needs to complete an application.
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